Documentation for Kleo Discord Bot, version 0.0.1 (BETA)

Updated on Tue 14 June, 2022

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Kleo is a Discord bot developed by Kleoverse. As a DAO, it helps you to operate Bounties and other projects; it also supports anyone to easily stay updated about latest projects in the Kleoverse platform.

The bot uses the least amount of permissions needed. It can NOT read any messages within your server, manage server etc.

💚 Using Kleo, you CAN 💚

⚠️ What Kleo CAN’T do ⚠️

Invite Kleo

You can invite Kleo to your Discord server from your DAO’s dashboard at Kleoverse. At the tab “Integrations”, you can find button “Add @Kleo to your discord”. Clicking that and following the steps, a wild Kleo will appear to your server 👾

Note that at this stage, only DAO Maintainers can invite Kleo to their servers. More information about the role of DAO Maintainers here.

Subscribe to Bounties

By pressing / in the Discord input field you will be able to expose all bot commands. With /subscribe bounties command, you can set the bot to send you notifications about new Bounties added to the Kleoverse platform. Notifications will be sent to the channel from which the command was sent from.

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